Hi there my name is Patrick Hughes and have a pending disability case that was being handled by a firm called Myler Disability. Myler did a terrible job on my case! I have multiple diagnoses, severe mental disorders, I am Bipolar I, Schizoeffective, borderline personality, and ADHD. I take five different medications, and was assured by Myler that my case was winnable! Myler convinced me to stop trying to work so as to qualify! I have been waiting for almost two years, TWO YEARS, and my family has been suffering as a result! We lost our apartment, my daughter had to go live with her aunt because we couldn't take care of her financially any longer, and all because Myler told me I couldn't work but 18 hours a week! I received a call on December 7 2019 from Myler telling me they were at the tail end of my case and that we were about go to a hearing! Myler told me to hang in there that all the suffering and anguish was going to pay off in just six more months! Then today January 10 2020 I receive a letter from Myler saying they were withdrawing from my case and that they couldn't win! No explanation, no reason, just a form letter saying "bye bye"! OUTRAGEOUS!!

We have been through absolute *** for two years! I lost my child!!

Myler Disability was not honest or upfront! They had literally years to determine whether my case was viable! Then Myler drops me at the very end?? I am going to another lawyer, and I am looking in to suing Myler for malpractice!!

I have lost everything! We don't have a home and are living in a hotel!

Damn you Myler for being dragging me through ***

Worst experience of my life, my Bipolar is now triggered and I am considering taking my own life! I can't go on like this, I

Myler has ruined my life!

Location: Dallas, Texas

Reply by Myler Disability

Patrick, we are sorry to hear about the difficulties you are facing. Our withdrawing from your case had to do with statements from your doctors in your medical records and was reviewed closely by our attorneys. When we withdrew, we waived any right to collect a fee on the case. Your disability case is still pending with Social Security and our withdrawal should not impact in any way how Social Security continues to process it. If you continue to believe you are unable to work, we would encourage you to work with your mental health providers on getting treatment so that your conditions can be better documented in your medical records.

We have not been paid a single cent for the time we helped you with your claim. We have no incentive other than to try and help people win their case. It pains us when we withdraw from a case due to the medical records not being as supportive as our clients had claimed.

We wish you the best as you move forward.

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