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I'd look for a different disability firm to handle your cases. They did win my case,took over a year. Did most of the leg work myself with med recs and so fourth but still billed me 250 for the same *** I sent in to them. Ain't paid it yet cause I havent got any back pay yet but they were paid their 6000.oo for doing little to nothing. Never kept the same case worker. Constently had to go over the same *** with each new one. Would not recommend... Read more

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Myler Disability was suppose to help my husband. Instead it took the case four years to go in front of a judge.The date came we meet the lawyer and she had the biggest attitude and rude!You should have heard the things she was saying to my husband. So we are no longer using myler!When I called main office to tell my husbands case worker what had happen she didn't want to hear it and said she could not discuss the case which is a lie because we... Read more

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I to am bipolar 1 and I suffer from P.T.S.D. and I feel bad for the team at Myler. Michael Romero and Shana have been great. I just got my 1st denial on Friday and Monday I had my appeal paperwork in my box. The entire team have been great with me. Shana has had to calm me down multiple times over the phone. Michael has been there for me from day 1. I have been told that if I get denied again then we will be going to court. People doesn't... Read more

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They keep calling me and I keep telling them they are calling the wrong number. Don't know them, and don't need the phone calls. How do you get these calls to stop??? Why do you continue calling even when I tell you that it's a wrong number and no one by that name is there. If I don't answer then you keep leaving messages. Quit calling me PLEASE. When someone tells you it's a wrong number and/or doesn't return your calls quit calling and... Read more

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Myler reached me by phone when I thought I was alone in this. The associate was empathetic, thorough, and reassuring to speak with. I feel very at ease having Myler Legal on my side. Read more

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I've been dealing with myler disability for 2 years until now the i went to court and im not going to lie this firm is great it took a while for my court hearing but over all my experience has been awesome as long as you get the records they ask for they'll do the rest and make sure they'll fight for you i dont know about some of yall and why you had problems but these folks were great to me i won my case in 30 minutes and sorry my memory is bad... Read more

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Called them for a consult, she took all info, and said claim would be filed the same day. We have ongoing person injury case and told her no, I needed to make sure everything was ok with attorney on other end. Told her to cancel it, was only calling to get consult and information. Later that day got a voice mail from her saying it was filed. Called and she told me she couldnt cancel it, told her we did not give her permission to file it. She... Read more

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I left a message to inform my case manager of a new medication and they had my doctors info incorrect. When i tried to give her the address she would not take it the way i gavevit to her because she said she could not put it into her computer that way. I tried to give her the phone number so she could see for herself what the address is and she told me that was my job. I tried to lodge a complaint and keep getting the run around and being... Read more

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Look up Mylers poor service record. This is a scam company. They take your information trey you well u too that paper comes you sign giving them full rights to your money. After that YOU do all the doctor appointments you spend the money on doctors and send Myler the information. They sent an incomplete form to government of my disability didn't include Doctors physical assentment and got denied. I have a server major bend and twist in my... Read more

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They were so happy to help in the beginning of my claim. When rejected I was told no worry we will file again it's always like this next day they left a text message saying they were letting ME go I hope the whole team gets arrested for being scammers because that's what they are worthless lawyer want to be's trash NEVER USE THESE PEOPLE NEVER!!!

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