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The fee agreement is for myler disability to receive a percentage of my "back payments" if we won case. We won and my back payments were around 4,500. of which myler disability share was 1,500.However since someone in their office was incompetant and forgot to file with social security for their fee...the social security administration confiscated/used my ENTIRE back payments to pay HRA, repay HRA monies that it gave to me in supportive... Read more

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In 16 days time, we received a total of 12 phone calls from them asking us to fill out and send back their info packet- in which we didn't receive until 2 weeks later. Almost every time the "advocate" called, she always called around 7 am- after she was specifically asked to contact us in the afternoon. (I guess she feels that since we're not working, we'll answer the phone at any old time!) Even after we cancelled their service, she still... Read more

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They didnt even obtain my records, they are worthless Add comment

Is this a scam company Add comment

I loved them they filed my claim .i was approved in 4 months. They always kept new apprise to weekday was going on worth my caseweekly. I recommend them to my friends. There wonderful and doesn't charge much either.thank u Myler Add comment

I hired Myler for my disability case and was quite pleased. They stayed in contact with me, always took my calls, and the staff that I dealt with over the phone was always kind and courteous to me. The lawyers assigned to my case was for lack of better words, a Bulldog. He knew what he was doing and was very informed about my case even though we had not met until a half hour before my hearing. I was approved and am now waiting on Social Security... Read more

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they carried my case for over three years and did not win. Very disappointed and still can not work bc of didability. Idk what to say about them dont understand how you can carry a client so long to lose everything. Add comment

I would definitely not do business with this company. Although they did file my claim for me, the first time a problem arose, I was basically told to solve it myself. I immediately fired them, and now they want to collect the full fee. If I were to dispute their fee, it would just further complicate my already desperate financial situation. I hope that in their greed, these people and all like them take such a huge *** that they choke to death! Read more

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My husband was four years into his case and They dropped him with less than 30 days until his hearing!!! Now what do we do? Add comment

Had a great experience with Myler. Very easy to deal with and received an approval for my Bi-Polar depression. The lawyer was awesome and we were in and out in fifteen minutes. I had gotten all my ducks in a row wit my doctors and Myler therefore it was an easy day for me. I can not express how thankful I am to have used their services and would recommend them to anyone who is in the process or need to start te process of receiving disability. Read more

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