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Look up Mylers poor service record. This is a scam company. They take your information trey you well u too that paper comes you sign giving them full rights to your money. After that YOU do all the doctor appointments you spend the money on doctors and send Myler the information. They sent an incomplete form to government of my disability didn't include Doctors physical assentment and got denied. I have a server major bend and twist in my... Read more

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They were so happy to help in the beginning of my claim. When rejected I was told no worry we will file again it's always like this next day they left a text message saying they were letting ME go I hope the whole team gets arrested for being scammers because that's what they are worthless lawyer want to be's trash NEVER USE THESE PEOPLE NEVER!!! Add comment

These people take your information pass it back and forth between teams ?? You do all your own work. I have never seen such scammers in my life! Tragic May there be a *** for people like these!! Add comment

Been doing all the work myself spending thousands on Doctor bills. Today I went to the Doctor and had the physical assessment done. WhenI got back home I noticed a phone message. I listened it was Myler telling me they are letting me go because all my claim is insurance no cash which is nil because they had both husbands sa# and I was married to both over 13 years and also they set me up with a credit card at a bank for the deposits from... Read more

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Hoping we win!! Myler has gone above and beyond fighting for my son tremendously!!!B.Finch Add comment

i ahd waited for 3 yrs for myler to get me to see the ajlh judge from chicago to not get my backpay and know ssa cancel my ssi because of my ssd benefits living in Ga i feel like it wasn,t handle for the best of my benefits the attorney didn,t speak enough on my behalf seen like myler is low budget not experience to handle cases for people i could have done better off getting attorney in atlanta Ga they put my offset date from dec 2015 when i... Read more

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OK i chose this company because i thought they can get me approve ... i have bipolar 1 and i was turned down at my first hearing. but i dont understand i all-ways kept a job until i had a manic episode at see the judge told me i can get it so why he didn't... approve me...the government need to Change this ...they change everything else its not right if i had money billed up in the system they should give it to me.. now this... Read more

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The fee agreement is for myler disability to receive a percentage of my "back payments" if we won case. We won and my back payments were around 4,500. of which myler disability share was 1,500.However since someone in their office was incompetant and forgot to file with social security for their fee...the social security administration confiscated/used my ENTIRE back payments to pay HRA, repay HRA monies that it gave to me in supportive... Read more

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In 16 days time, we received a total of 12 phone calls from them asking us to fill out and send back their info packet- in which we didn't receive until 2 weeks later. Almost every time the "advocate" called, she always called around 7 am- after she was specifically asked to contact us in the afternoon. (I guess she feels that since we're not working, we'll answer the phone at any old time!) Even after we cancelled their service, she still... Read more

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They didnt even obtain my records, they are worthless Add comment

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